Hidden Files

Hidden files are files that start with "." In Linux. It is usually used for files and directories that you do not want to display.

# Hidden files

How to display hidden files

Hidden files can be displayed using the "-a" option of the ls command. "-A" means all.

ls -a

This is a sample output result.

[kimoto @ www7402u ~] $ ls -a
..cpan kimopro.zip .mysql_history .sqlite_history
.. .cpanm labo .netrc .ssh
.bash_history .gconf labo.tar.gz oradiag_kimoto test
.bash_logout .gconfd .lesshst perl5 tmp
.bash_profile .gitconfig .lftp .perlbrew .vimrc
.bashrc .gnome2 lib .perldl_hist .w3m
book .gnome2_private local plan_delete .xslate_cache
.config .gnupg mbox public_html

Hidden file example

Here are some examples of hidden files that you often see on Linux.

bash configuration file

The bash configuration file is a hidden file.


ssh directory

The directory where ssh configuration files etc. are stored is a hidden file.


vim config file

The vim configuration file is a hidden file.


git information directory

The directory where git information is stored is a hidden file.


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