touch Command - Create New Files

You can use the touch command to create a new file.

touch FileName

Let's create a file named foo.txt with the touch command.

touch foo.txt

Let's confirm that the file foo.txt is created by ls command.

If you can confirm it, you are successful.

Show help --help option

Use the "--help" option to get help.

touch --help

Help is displayed.

sage: touch [OPTION] ... FILE ...
Update the access and modification times of each FILE to the current time.

Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.
  -a change only the access time
  -c, --no-create do not create any files
  -d, --date = STING parse STRING and use it instead of current time
  -f (ignored)
  -m change only the modification time
  -r, --reference = FILE use this file's times instead of current time
  -t STAMP use [[CC] YY] MMDDhhmm [.ss] instead of current time
  --time = WORD change the specified time:
                           WORD is access, atime, or use: equivalent to -a
                           WORD is modify or mtime: equivalent to -m
      --help display this help and exit
      --version output version information and exit

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