Introduction of SSH client TeraTerm

To log in remotely using an SSH server, a client application that supports SSH is required. Client applications that support SSH include Putty, Pedorosa, and TeraTerm. Here, we will use TeraTerm.

Download and install TeraTerm

Download and install TeraTerm from the following site.

Tera Term

Creating a public / private key pair

In order to log in remotely using SSH, it is necessary to create a public key / private key pair.

1. Start TeraTerm and select "Setup"-> "SSH Key Generator" from the menu bar.
2. Check DSA.
3. Enter the passphrase in Key passphrase Re-enter in Confirm passphrase.
4. Click Generate to create your public and private keys
5. Click Save puplic key to save the public key (
6. Click Save private key to save the private key (id_dsa)

A passphrase is a password. To connect with SSH, create a public / private key pair. You will move the public key to the server later.

Upload public key

Upload the public key. Let's upload it to the home directory of the logged-in user once. The public key is

It is the one. Don't mistake it for your private key.

Working on the server

From here, return to the setting work on the server. See OpenSSH for working on the server.

Connect with SSH from TeraTerm

After completing the setting work on the server, SSH connection is made with TeraTerm. Start TeraTerm, enter the IP address of the server, check SSH and press OK. Also make sure that the SSH version is SSH2.

A security warning may appear, but press OK.

It was

The SSH authentication screen will appear, so enter your user name and passphrase. Check RSA / DSA and select the private key file you saved earlier. Press OK. (If the screen freezes, restart TeraTerm.)

If you cannot connect, you should see an error message in / var / log / secure.

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